Best CAD tool for modeling and simulation on for a homebuilt.


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Jun 20, 2018
Las Vegas, NV
I would like to learn about modeling and simulation as it applies to aircraft.

My initial plan is to learn a system by modeling an existing design and running tests on it. I have been eyeing FreeCAD, to get started now. But I want to make sure the outputs would be compatible with Solidworks, just incase there is some testing that I want to do that FreeCAD cannot.

My plan for this project is to take a known design through a process of model -> stress test -> simulated flight test -> modify -> stress test -> simulated flight test.

This is about learning the process not, the results. I don't want to mention the design I plan to use because the information that will be gained from this already exists, and I don't want the thread derailed.

Can anyone suggest the best tools to start with, and suggest where to start learning?