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Aug 6, 2002
Homebuilt Airplanes is the largest independent online community of homebuilt airplane pilots. Our membership encompasses novice, expert and professional airplane homebuilder enthusiasts.

If you are a aircraft homebuilding business, there is no better place than Homebuilt Aircrafts to reach your target audience. No magazine or other publication has the reach Homebuilt Airplanes has. Each month we serve webpages to 70,000+ unique aircraft homebuilder enthusiasts.

Homebuilt Airplanes offers several advertising solutions for you to net the highest return on investment, all while allowing you to support the homebuilt airplanes community.

Graphical Banner Advertising

Our banner program is one of the best ways to access the homebuilt aircrafts community. Your banner will be featured above the fold to ensure maximum visibility for all who come to our site. Don’t have a banner? No worries. We can make a high quality banner for you. This program also includes all of the features of the Homebuilt Airplanes Sponsorship Program.

Special Programs

We are committed to providing the best program we can for your business. If you are interested in a program not found here, please contact the admin. This includes email campaigns, individual Sponsor Forums, and more.

Homebuilt Airplanes Sponsorship Program

The Homebuilt Airplanes Sponsorship Program is what you need to really and deeply engage the aircraft building community. Some of the most important aspects of this program are;

The largest benefit of the Homebuilt Airplanes Sponsorship Program is the ability to start advertisements in the “Homebuilt Airplanes Sponsor Market”. There you can be very creative advertising new products, specials, giveaways and more. You can use it to promote social media accounts and even events. There are so many different ways you can push content to our active community. We also have a daily newsletter that goes out to thousands of members where we highlight content from this Market.

The “Homebuilt Airplanes Sponsor Directory” is used by members to see who supports them and is often used by members and visitors to find businesses they order from. Homebuilt Airplanes members are loyal to Homebuilt Airplanes Sponsors that support this community.

Giving back to the Homebuilt Airplanes Community

Homebuilt Airplanes has been active for beyond a decade providing a family friendly, well moderated platform for aircraft builder enthusiasts. Our large member and visitor base, all view Homebuilt Airplanes as a safe place to get advice and learn about building aircraft. It is a community and your advertising here matters to this community. No matter which advertising option you choose, your advertising money will be reinvested back into this community to further it’s values and goals in serving the homebuilt airplane building industry.

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