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Oct 6, 2019
My understanding was that water in the gasoline caused the engine to stop rather than an actual engine malfunction. Are you saying that is not correct ?
I honestly don’t know for sure weather he had auto gas or 80 octane avgas or a mixture of both. What I do know for fact. Evergreen field had the cheapest avgas in the country. I know he took off to the west and had an engine failure. I know that he attempted a 180 course reversal back to the runway, stalled and crashed into an empty field short of the airport boundary. I know the airplane burned and that was the end of Chris and his airplane. The field he crashed into was flat and grassy. If my memory serves me well, the grass was rather tall. No rocky terrain. I remember being quite shaken by the whole event and feeling a great sense of loss.


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Apr 5, 2019
I remember reading something about the crash in a magazine loooong time ago, and I think thats where the fuel problem was mentioned. The NTSB actually says they didn't determine a cause. They mention he was working on the distributor prior to take off but they apparently found nothing wrong with it. I felt they were kind of reaching with a couple of their conclusions about the pilot being over confident, was under self induced pressure, and performed an excessive manuever. Are they mind readers ?
There were plans available at Timmons Aero Industries in Eloy Az, but that was in the eighties.