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BD4 Project, For Parts or Finish

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Dec 4, 2006
Niles, MI
This BD 4 was flying until it acquired some hail damage. It has been stored in a hangar for many years. However, there is very little if any corrosion or damage. It includes plans, construction booklets, wings, fuselage, parts for the tail, interior and gear. No motor. This would be a great head start on a fast 2 place aircraft. Pick up only in Niles MI 49120. It was donated to EAA Chapter 865,Inc., a 501(c)3 organization. Questions welcome. Please do not attempt to pay with PayPal. We will take full payment upon inspection and pickup.

In storage since 1993. This was a taildragger. No engine mount, engine unknown, no registration, logs or CofA. We have the horizontal stabilizer, parts for rudder which must be rebuilt and a tailwheel. Main aluminum tube spar original cost alone was at least $2500 and it is the original fiberglass panel type. We are not BD4 experts. There is no title. Selling as parts. Personal inspection is advised. Call Ralph, 269-684-0972, [email protected]
fusalage left.jpg panel.jpg Parts+.jpg Patrs.jpg Plans.jpg wings3.jpg