BAN ALL DRONES! - Eric Zorn, Chicago Tribune

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Jan 30, 2015
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Jun 11, 2017
Naples Fl
I worked for 10 Tanker last season. That's the DC-10 firefighter operator. Those engines are fragile, it takes little to shell one. Now imagine they're pulling out of a valley at 200' at full power and they ingest a drone.
Which makes me wonder, what is the risk level of flying a water bomber in a area where there is a small spindly drone?

Is it possibly a overreaction to let homes and lives be at risk, compared to the danger posed of a midair from a big water bomber or even chopper and a small drone?

Or is that the point they want to make, regardless of the facts and real danger posed.

But I do support not having numb nuts drone pilots compromise rescue/fire operations.

The elephant in the room has already been mentioned- the full potential of drones for nefarious means. This can be anything from nation states, crime syndicates, business interests (see crime) privateer contractors to terrorism or even that geeky kid around the block.

The Genie is out of the bottle and we need some good understanding of how to regulate for the benefits and a little of the detriments as possible. Nobody wants to live in a world of no privacy, but after getting a pizza, you can get assassination on order or a drug/gun/explosive delivery- a simple app on your phone. All taken care of by one of a multitude of designs.

We see the potential of these technologies is dramatically growing in ability , load, range and potential capability. All at a reducing cost and greater availability. The potential is only limited by our collective imaginations. Unfortunately many have much darker ones than others. So I agree wholeheartedly, we must imagine the worst case scenarios and think how to thwart them. People not corporate or government centric regulation is a must.

In a unregulated world without real sanctions we are entering a world of unimagined futures, with the people the losers and the corporate and nation states having far greater control.

It is all worthy of deep thought.



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Jul 15, 2014
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Model aircraft have traditionally been flown by someone with full attention on the model standing <100 yards away. Drones easily fly out of sight, I'm all for tightening the rules up concerning them. Too many ejits use them dangerously within visible range, too.
It's pretty silly that a helicopter and shot gun may be needed to clear areas for firefighting.

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