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May 26, 2017
Merrill, Wisconsin, USA
My airplane was built with very small baggage compartment behind the seats. You can see a little box on the picture below that is smaller then one cubic foot with access from cockpit between the seats. It is very small and relatively useless in flight, because it's impossible to turn around and reach anything from it.

Screen Shot 2021-06-09 at 18.04.21.png

It is possible to improve the situation and make baggage compartment much larger. Control rods in the way, but if you want to get creative it is possible to have a proximately 5 ft.³ or so. With much larger access door from the side. I am assuming that it is a good idea to have solid wall between occupants and baggage area. How strong this wall should be? What should it made out of? It is presently made out of quarter inch plywood and you can see it on my picture. 3 years ago I decided to make that compartment much smaller and turning into document holder only.


Apparently designers in the beginning were kicking different ideas around and one of them were made out of canvas baggage compartment. I don't have a good picture to see it, but access from cockpit with zipper like flopper door.


Instead of using canvas I am assuming I can build it from hard materials. Would like to hear your recommendations. Could be attached to the frame with straps just like they were planning for canvas structure. And of course access door would be from the side. Presently on the side I have pretty good quality and good looking door but very small. About 6 inch diameter. I will attach some pictures with it. I am assuming that this is the best way to install access door into composite structure? Looks like they used an aluminum frame with one hinge and one lock. Door itself is piece of aluminum as well. Larger door will need 2 hinges and 2 locks. Where do I go to find hinges and locks like this?

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Sep 9, 2014
I would go with a fabric closed with zippers. You only need to stiffen it on the side closest to control rods ... to prevent interference.