Baffling Baffles and Inlets


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Jul 15, 2010
Fayetteville, AR / USA
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Indeed, and thats why I have resisted a plenum thus far. However, the next iteration of baffles was planned to be pretty extensive - looking to do the glassair style "great wall" baffle under the chin. But looking at the level of fabrication that would take it looks like the plenum would come out lighter and certainly more effective. The great wall method would require about 14 running feet of baffle material and that is going to leak some no matter how Well it lays against the cowl. Cooling drag is going to be key to getting my goal of 200 knots and 10 GPH... Might as well go for broke on this go around.

Anyway, I have some ideas to have a fairly quick release plenum lid (piano hinges), so maintenance shouldnt be too painful.

Perhaps we should have a baffling baffles thread. I certainly learned a few things while fixing mine.
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