Attn plncraze: The picture I tried to PM

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Dec 1, 2011
Marion, Ohio
I was trying to send this picture to plncraze in a PM,, but apparently there is a flaw (oversight?? bug?? missing feature??) in the forum software. As I posted elsewhere, you cant add local files to a PM.

This is a snip of my latest work on a flying wing, that I wanted to show plncraze.

The colors are the pressure on the surface of the wing. The vertical line represents the lift, and is at the Cp point. Note the lift distribution. It goes negative at the wing tips, eliminating adverse yaw.

What's so significant about this design? You can't see it in this picture, but the static margin remains constant as the payload changes. How did I do this? By putting the battery in the nose and engine in the rear (pusher prop) and adjusting the sweep, aspect ratio, and span to get the desired static margin with NO PAYLOAD. Then where ever the CG is, put the seats at that location (side by side seating), and the fuel next to it in the wing roots. The CG then remains fixed, and so does the static margin!