Anything still use foam/wood?


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May 25, 2014
St.Rober, MO
I have been intrigued by some classic ultralights which plans either are no longer supported for or are not available in English which used polystyrene foam (such as blue Dow) as wing ribs and sometimes even fuselage panels. These are usually capped in 1/16th ply and covered in lightweight sail cloth.

These have a few things that while not ideal for me, I actually need. This material is forgiving to weather changes (live in an apartment with no garage, usually use the back porch as a work area. They can be easily disassembled for storage (like, in my guest bedroom). They are very cheap to build (I''m not rich, at all). They can be flown without a license (just found new CFI, but my last one lost his medical after I had completed 21 hours with him) from any of the 3 empty fields within walking distance from my house, and can be assembled with basic tools (already running out of room for more tools).

I haven't spent much time looking into ultralights because I really want a cross-country plane for me and the wife to travel in, but there's a lot working against me for a full size project right now. Looking for 3 axis control and simplicity alone the lines of Weedhopper/Woodhopper.

Let's hear some suggestions from the people who know more about Part 103 than myself. :cool: