Anyone use Neverware's CloudReady?

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Jul 5, 2022
Not having much disposable income, and being the sort of person who would take a trip to Madison Wisconsin, to look through stacks of lumber, and bring some back home if I did :) I access HBA (and everything else) on an inexpensive HP Chromebook running G's OS. The most economical ISP doesn't make "Daddy G" (Steely Dan reference) very happy, because they don't share past the 12 or 32 digits and G wants more. (Both the ISP and G say it's to protect me from hackers, and the other is lying to drum up more business-- sorta like voting I guess, hold your nose, pull the lever, and take your chances.)

Every time G updates (meaning every 30-45 days or so) my system crashes and has to be put back together piece by piece. Maybe there is an easier way, I don't know a lot about it but I think that once G updates it has erased all the ISP's LAN addresses beyond the firewall and it all has to be set up again.

If what I am reading is correct, Neverware (software company) made CloudReady (software) using G's open-source Chromium OS code-base, so it is basically a stable version of G's OS, designed for systems that outlast their "terminal update dates." So, it never updates, hopefully that also means that it never crashes.

There have to be a lot of people who know more about this than I do...



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Apr 28, 2010
Memphis, TN
Some Chromebooks just don’t work very well. I had a hard time with one for kids zoom schooling. The cheaper one did not allow us to toggle certain features that were needed. A friend has a nicer one that he uses for programming along with his main macs. He is a Mozilla fan. My Mac is old so most of my stuff is done on my phone or I have to use Mozilla. Not updatable anymore. Can’t even get in here with it. I keep it alive because of the stuff it has on it, not the web.