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Apr 1, 2011
Palm Bay Fl.
scrolling through posts only see about 3 flying conversions. Is anyone actually doing a conversion or just talking about it.
So far only ones with real info are rv6ejguy
And russel with the h6 glassair.

Lots of info all over including info from maxwell propulsions who is no longer about opening up bearing clearances, improving oil flow and cooling. Maxwell also ran je forged pistons.

Plenty of eggenfeller failures but as far as i know they were stock jdm engines unopened.

And the sucess of rv6ejguy and russel are on unopened engines as well, since have been

I myself am building one. 2019 ej257 short block. Getting bearing clearances opened up to .002 on the rods as maxwell suggests. Crank being drilled for full time oiling and cross drilled. Adding piston cooling jets but not in the main webs but in favor of a seperate plate. Will be running a dry sump pan with 2 stage scavenge pump and using the oem oil pump as the pressure pump. Having intake and exhaust flanges machined to make both those components. Will be making some engine mounts and a machined alternator mount.

And lastly will be using the airtrikes spg-5 psru.
The marcote is proven but guy is retired and not sure how long will be making parts for them. The spg gearboxes have real good track record on gyrocopters and planes. And the prop offset helps also.


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Nov 11, 2020
Hey slociviccoupe,
Yeah. We are actually doing an EJ25D aero conversion here. Running on Carbs and electronic distribution.
Hope this message finds you well so we can talk more on it. Let me know if you need pictures