Any information on Zenoah G50?


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Feb 21, 2020
San Diego, California, USA
I recently acquired a project coming with Zenoah G50 engines. It's a nice looking oppose twin 2-stroke engine, that looked similar to a Hirth F23. However, I have since been struggling to find information on this engine, such as the repair manual, connection diagram, and torque setting of various nuts, etc.

The Tennessee Prop website has a bit information (Tennessee Propellers, Inc.), so I hope initially. But they are not responding to the emails, and their phone number has been disconnected when I called them.

I also tried to email the Zenoah company in Japan. And their initial response is that they have a list of engines (for model airplanes), and G50 is not one on their list (of current or discontinued). I don't have too much hope for more info.

So back to the wonderful forum here, does anyone have a copy of the repair manual, connection diagram, and torque settings for tightening the bolts? Thanks a lot.


Picture from Tennessee Propeller website