An Oklahoma Hello


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Aug 24, 2010
Metro-Tulsa, Oklahoma
Hi we are Nys Aircraft, Inc. Father & son team, John Nys & Broc Emig are based in Vera, Oklahoma, just north of Tulsa. We do a number of fly-ins & airshows across the country so you can see our handiwork in person. :)

What we do:
We are a custom building company that specializes in building Vans RV-12s.
45 years combined experience
40+ RVs completed & flying

Licensed A&P TruTrak Systems Authorized Dealer & Installer
Extensive composite & sheet metal fabrication experience
Local access to electronics, wiring, custom interiors & paint
2 DARs available

Our backstory:
Nys Aircraft, Inc.'s owner, John Nys, began building airplanes in 1993, while working at American Airlines in Tulsa. His son, Broc, had recently moved from Ohio to Oklahoma & had become involved in aviation as well.

After building several RVs together Broc encouraged John to take an early retirement so they could pursue their dream of & passion for building small aircraft & Nys Aircraft, Inc. was born.

Their passion for aviation led them to have the very first customer built RV-10 with tank modifications: giving it a fuel capacity of 120 gallons in each wing & making it one of the fastest, most fuel-efficient, four-seater, single-prop planes out. In the last eight years Nys Aircraft, Inc. has completed 13 RV10s, 7 RV8s and the list goes on...