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Feb 13, 2010
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I once saw a Falconar AMF-S14 Maranda with a round cowl and a plastic insert to make it look like it had a radial. It had a Lyc in it. Taking pretense a little too far. But the airplane was masterfully built. Its doors closed like an expensive car's.

I guess that depends on your personal style, the original Kitfoxes had fake round cowls over two-strokes and nobody seemed to mind. Personally, I am a sucker for a round cowl and wheel pants and would feel no shame at hiding a flat engine to keep the vibe going. How about an LSA version of the Aeronca L with options for an actual small Verner radial, a Rotax 912, or a VW in descending order of cost?


Dan Thomas

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Sep 17, 2008
That’s better. Three wheelers are far more stable and easily steerable when it has two steerable wheels in front vs the single steerable wheel
In front.
That recumbent trike has small, fat tires that have far more rolling resistance than the narrow, high-pressure tires on the road bike. I ride an ancient Bianchi road bike that has 27" tires that are getting hard to find. The tires on it now are wider than I like, but the real skinny ones aren't available anymore. Most everything is 700mm now.

I can get that Bianchi rolling and coast for long distances while my granddaughter has to keep pedalling her mountain bike. No comparison at all.


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Sep 3, 2021
A P-51 with a two-stroke engine seems about as bad a disrespect of an airplane as is possible. Seems to me someone built such a thing. As if it would fool anyone.
So I gotta ask: What's worse, the BZZZZZZZ of the Rotax, or a set of cylinders sticking out each side? And remember, his ORIGINAL plan was as an ultralight. Dennis
Nov 14, 2009
Rocky Mountains
No comparison at all.
And tying it all to aircraft:
The best conventional road bike I ever had (still have the frame) was an Atala with sew-ups and a 71 degree head stock angle. But overall my home-built trike, that weighs about 3 times as much, is more efficient. When you have to pedal into a 15 mph head wind* there is no comparison. ;)

It all about the mission - and your riding location.

I bet the pink P-40 didn't set too well with some? I kind of liked it. 🤷‍♂️