Alternative seating arrangements for two-seaters?


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May 31, 2008
Khowst City, Afghanistan
One thing that I always think of when I see motorcycle seating is that, much like taking a passenger on a motorcycle, it is a far more intimate experience. I have also know some people, a little more on in the years, that have trouble sitting in a straddled position like that.


Feb 20, 2010
Melbourne Australia
Good point Wurlybird --it is the horse riding position and can result in being bow legged at least (some 'ergonomic' seats use the horse saddle set up but I doubt that they are better than the usual way ) -the 'matrix' method of setting out possible options allows to find unanticipated arrangements and to 'cover all bases' --for example the 'back to back' seating arrangement can also be staggered so that two people can converse easily (heads slightly overlapping ) but look in different directions and take up both minimum length and width and the most 'fairable' shape for minimum drag ( I vaguely recall one of Rutan's Boomerang pax being like this also the Fairey ultralight helicopter with tip drive and some military designs with a rear gunner ) . The Horten (WW2 Flying wings) 'kneeling' position is another column in a matrix that can be combined with seated or prone companions --apparently they decided on this set up to clear the spar and give better weight support via the knees and upper body rather than the legs apart straddle .

To get really 'left field' some record enclosed bicycles go for head first but supine (on your back) and use a periscope for vision --this is 'recumbent' but not as we know it Jim... have we missed any possibilities ?

PS I had thought the previous post was lost as it showed being not sent and dropped out --I lose one in three or so posts on occasion.