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Jul 24, 2012
Foreston, MN / USA
Sonic Headers Inc. manufactures and repairs aircraft exhaust systems and components. Our Experimental Exhaust is manufactured using 321 Stainless Steel materials. We offer PVC Kit or can copy Your Existing Design.

Our Customer Service is Superior to any others... We have a large OEM direct market and manufacture for Companies such as Glasair Aviation LLC and Just Aircraft LLC. We also have several Radial Engines and Fixtures to build Moose, YAK, and CJ6 Systems.

Call Sonic Headers Inc. today to see what we can do for your aircraft exhaust needs. We can supply you with parts at the best price without sacrificing certified quality....

More information can be found at our website... SONIC HEADERS INC.| Aircraft Exhaust | Custom Aircraft Exhaust HeadersSONIC HEADERS INC.| Aircraft Exhaust | Custom Aircraft Exhaust Headers