Aileron/Flap linkage & mechanism

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This is my first attempt at this so I apologise if I interfere with anyone's postings.
I am seeking advice on the design of a combined aileron/flap likage to achieve the following movements with the use of one control lever:-

1/. Slotted flaps AND ailerons to open to 10 & 20 deg. together while ailerons continue to move differentially.

2/. Ailerons to stay at that 20 deg. position (with slot), while flaps lower to 30 & 40 deg. Ailerons to retain differential movement.

3/. Flaps & ailerons to reflex together 5 or 10 deg.

Control surfaces can mount on below-wing pivot points (a la Pawnee), or run in curved slots (a la Cessna).
I have drawn up several control-sytem linkages but none of them very elegant,- can anyone help?
I believe there was a STOL conversion for Cessna singles which did all this but have never seen a linkage drawing. Also the Airspeed A.S. 39 antisubmarine a/c of 1937 used this system & could fly under 35kts & cruised at 38!. Lift coefficient under power was ~3.5. For those interested(?), a competitor a/c with similar "performance" was the General Aircraft G.A.L. 38 "Fleet Shadower". I mention this only to show that it CAN be done,- but how?. Elegantly.
Some of my drawings require one bellcrank to mount on the arm of another,- is this acceptable,- flutter, etc?.
If this works I would like to later seek advice on radiator position & cooling duct design for liquid-cooled engines,- I am working on a 4-place version of Steve Rahn's "Vision" with a Mazda Rotary.
Hoping I haven't used up too much space,
Thanks in advance,
Malbo Downunder.