Aeronca L3B


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Sep 20, 2003
Corona CA
Finally put in the last nut and bolt on Veterans Day, appropriately. She finished and flyable. :Last flight was 1952, it has less than 500 hours airframe time. 157 on the engine which came from another L3 the owner had back then That engine sat in a dusty shop shop since 1952 and I could have fired it up there and then! Almost zero corrosion. Of course I did open it up and go through it, but it needed almost nothing.

Now of course I am waiting for the FAA. After pestering me for months about unnecessary documentation, they finally admittted that what I sent them in the firts place was in fact correct. They had to get their final word in by asking that I change the aircraft type to 0-58B instead of O-58B. Which is totally wrong; there was never such a type; the "O" stands for "Observation". Not "Zero-vation" . I wasn't going to argue with idiots so I just did the "Yessir, Nosir!Thankyouverymuchsir!" thing. Now of course the registration is in the machinery and who knows when it will show up. As far as I'm concerned. they cashed my check and I'm good fly.

So frustrating to see it sitting here, fueled up and ready to go.....
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