Aeromomentum install and operation questions

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Jun 20, 2018
Atlanta(ish), GA
Does anyone here have hands on experience with Aeromomentum engines?

I'm looking at a formerly flying 601 that needs an engine, and I am considering auto conversions. I like what I have read about the Aeromomentum engines, but when I e-mailed them with questions I did not get a reply.

I am wondering if anyone has performance numbers, including empty weights on a flying 601.

What fuel system modifications are needed to feed these engines?

What does the suggested maintenance schedule for these planes look like?

Does anyone have significant time running these engines on 100LL? Does it require a different maintenance schedule?


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Feb 6, 2014
Georgetown, TX USA
I am running the Aeromomentum AM15-HP on my RV-12. I cruise at 140-143 mph TAS at 23" MAP (~65% pwr). I don't know of the same engine on a 601, but it would certainly work!
As to W/B, the engine weighs 185 lbs. The 601 has routinely used the O-200, so that should not be an issue.
The AM engines are all FADEC (electronic ignition and multi-port fuel injection) and therefore require high-pressure fuel pumps and filters - all available in a Firewall-Forward kit, or separately. They come with the ECU and harness fully wired with high-quality AMP-Seal connectors. A very nice, clean install.
The factory recommends 2000 hour TBO, but has many engines running in the commercial airboat industry and many of them exceed that number by far - 4000 hours in one case.
Since the engines use a geared PSRU (no clutch) and separate gear oil (not engine oil), 100LL is not an issue. Frankly, you'll burn so little fuel that unless you have Mogas on the field it's hardly worth hauling it out to the hangar.

Full Disclosure: My aircraft was the first RV-12 with this engine type and, with the help of Aeromomentum, I worked out the installation details for the AM-series on the RV-12 using my aircraft as the development testbed. I formed a company, AeroSales EAB, LLC specifically to market a complete firewall-forward kit, separately but in cooperation with Aeromomentum. As things evolved, it made more sense to turn that over to the company directly. I still maintain the website I created, but now limit my involvement to builder support (mostly for the RV-12, but I'm happy to help anyone).
In fact, on my website are "Technical Tips", including an illustrated doc I wrote last year aimed at the first time engine installer that you are welcome to read or download. Much of it applies universally. There is also a "FAQ" section that you might find helpful as well.