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Bille Floyd

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Sep 26, 2019
Another good place is Soller Composites. They have good prices on carbon, reasonable shipping rates, and you can call them and talk to a human. I buy from Envisions only when I can't find what I need at Soller.
The last prosthetic leg, that the VA paid for ; i broke it less than
two days after receiving it, (while kiteboarding) . So after duck-taping
it back together, and waxing the inside & filling it with plaster for
a mold ; I made a new one, from carbon braided fabric, that i purchased
from Soller Composites. They have a wide selection , along with really Good prices , (and the guy will take time to talk about composites to ya) !
I just purchased (4) full rolls of 24K carbon tow , from them ; I'm building
a wet-out machine, to pull 4 tows at once , to wind on a tapered mandrel.