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52 x 54 Black Prince P-tip

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Mike Stewart

Well-Known Member
Oct 11, 2010
San Diego, CA
Refinished by Prince due to leading edge rain abrasion. The prop is as new, in the box. Lonnie says he has installed "new and improved" leading edge protection, but I'm going back to urethane on a Sterba for now.

Beautiful prop. They just don't handle rain well. $850. With the refinish cost I've got twice that amount invested in this prop. I'm selling it because I don't want to spend another $350 every time I fly in rain.

It has the six-bolt SAE-1 pattern and has been on a Great Plains 2180.

The 52 x 54 on a KR is perfect for wide-open throttle cruising above 8000 ft. The GP 2180 turns 3150 which is just where I want this engine to be at WOT. It seems to have the same "almost constant speed" effect as a Warneke. Takeoff & climb performance is excellent yet there is sufficient pitch to go fast where the air is thinner. It has been on a KR-1½. The new Sterba will also be 52 x 54.

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