For Sale 2A042 engine, Teledyne mil. surplus, flown on Mini-Max

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Feb 1, 2010
Sandy, Utah, USA
4-stroke, 2 cylinder horizontally opposed with 42 cubic inches displacement.
This engine model can reportedly put out 22 hp at 3500 RPM in stock configuration.
One guy recently told me he's getting over 30hp out of it with milled heads, and various other hot rod tricks.
Reportedly weighs about 85 lb. installed.

This particular engine was previously flown direct-drive on a Mini-Max owned by Kevin from WV.
Special aluminum tubing coiled oil cooler.
You can see it on YouTube : Kevins Mini-Max Ultralight - Teledyne Engine - YouTube

I bought the engine from him 2 years ago, but realize now it is too big for my Moni project.
$500 plus shipping from Salt Lake City.
PM or call if you have questions. Thanks!

Dan 801-502-4379
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