1/2 VW gaskets


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Aug 27, 2014
Louisville, KY
I got my balanced crank back from Scott Cassler, and am planning on putting the engine back together soon. I need new gaskets to do so, but I'm kind of at a loss as to what I need.

What gaskets do I need to put it back together? Is there a special 1/2 head gasket? Anything else special? Where should I buy them from?

I have a Global 1/2 VW, if that makes a difference. I took it apart at my friend's hangar about 4 months ago, and haven't been able to go look at what gaskets were on it.

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Nov 14, 2009
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No head gaskets on a VW - at least you shouldn't use them. Dito cylinder base gaskets. Both go in the trash.
Pushrod tube seals (8)
Generator stand seal. Maybe 2 if you are using a crankcase breather there.
O-rings for the main case studs (4)
Oil pump and cover gaskets
O-ring for the distributor drive hole (depends on what kind of ignition you are using)
Fuel pump gasket(s) (one if using a block off, 2 if you are using a mechanical pump)
Gasket for the "universal" case dipstick tube hole - if you are using that kind of case. It's the hole to the right of the oil pump looking at the pulley end.
............It's probably easiest to just buy a full gasket set for a VW rebuild. Some come with junk pushrod tube seals. Can't advise regarding these without ............hands/eyes on inspection. :(

Case halves = Ultra Gray silicone (small amount), Gasguscinch, or anaerobic sealant.
Cylinder base seal = same as above
Head seal = lapped with cylinder. Make sure you remove ALL of the lapping compound.
........If there is a ridge on the head that you can feel with your fingernail it's time for a head cut. Then maybe shims under the cylinders (not gaskets)

Edit: Forgot oil cooler seals. Depending on the case and cooler/adapter you may need a pair of about 4 different options. There is a seal that adapts the different size reliefs if you have a mismatch. These too, like the push rod tube seals, have spotty quality control and material selection.

The rest is all dependent on your particular conversion such as seal for the magneto.
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