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    Rebuild Keihin Carburetor - Information

    I am recording some of my findings here in my building and learning process. Please feel free to add information, and hopefully this would be helpful for people who are looking to find such information down the road. I have a couple of Keihin carburetor with the project I recently bought. It...
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    Any information on Zenoah G50?

    I recently acquired a project coming with Zenoah G50 engines. It's a nice looking oppose twin 2-stroke engine, that looked similar to a Hirth F23. However, I have since been struggling to find information on this engine, such as the repair manual, connection diagram, and torque setting of...
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    For Sale Zenoah G50

    I have an Zenoah G50 engine that was mounted for an airboat. condition looks good, has been in storage for a while. I would tear down and do through. I have the carbs off now getting them cleaned. comes with fan cage, nice wooden prop, seat, tach, and controls. contact for pictures. Thanks...