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  1. b7gwap

    Ok to build Engine before fuselage?

    Guys/gals; Finishing up my CH750 Stol empennage, preparing workshop for wing components next, but should I be in the market for good cores for my eventual O-320 build all the while? Maybe even have that build project going along the side of the rest? Or will that delay the project, and force me...
  2. O

    Zenith Ch750 CruZer builder from Novi, Michigan here!

    Hello everybody, I am Oliver from Novi, Michigan. My wife and I are flying a Mooney M20E and are building a Zenith CH750 CruZer with a Rotax 912ULS engine. The image is from 2020, we made some more progress in the meantime and are hoping to have it flying by early next year. I have be reading...
  3. michael Hille

    Hi I have recently completed my scratch built Zenith 750 Cruzer with custom 160hp Subaru

    Hi I have just finished my scratch built 750 and having a blast flying it. This is my second scratch built aircraft with custom engine installation. Performance is awesome, Here is a link to the video of short field takeoff from the beach. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCU142N8QeW5HsukLxNOeEiQ...
  4. rv6ejguy

    Subaru EJ22 Powered Zenith 750 Cruzer

    Michael Hille in Australia does a good walk around discussion of his Subaru EJ22 conversion with SDS EFI. The music ends at 1:52 and the meat of the video starts there too.
  5. S

    Subaru EA81

    Hello all. I'm currently in the market for a new to me aircraft. One of the possible options is a ch601 powered by a Subaru EA 81 with a Johnson redrive. I can't find any recent information about these engines and how they hold up long term. Does anyone have any experience that can help me...
  6. J

    My Safety Concerns About Bubble Canopies

    Hi everybody, My boys and I are finally at a place where we can start a build, and this topic has been on my mind. We've been looking at Zenith 650s for a long time, and also like the Sling 2, Sonex and the RV-12. Problem is, they're ALL bubble canopy planes, and I just can't get comfortable...
  7. A

    Zenith CH 750 Cruzer Plans/ Drawings

    Anyone out there looking to get rid of their zenith 750 Cruzer drawings? I am looking for these plans/ drawings and thought I would ask here before buying from zenith. Thank you in advance.
  8. S


    ZENITH 701 • $18,950 • FOR SALE • AWC: MAY/2015, 8 total hrs AF & 10 total hrs SMOH by Rotax Rick, Annual Condition Inspection July/2016, Rotax 582, B-Box, IVO prop, elec. start/trim, Microaire M760 Comm and Microaire T2000 X-ponder, Lowrance 1000 GPS - specs and pics on request • Contact Cliff...
  9. C

    Zenith 601 HDS/Subaru EA81 -75% built

    G'day! I've got a partially complete (about 75%) Zenith 601 HDS taildragger for sale. I am the third owner of the project, but all of the major construction was done by an 8x aircraft builder in NY. The tail section is finished, wings are about 99% done, and the fuselage is about 60% finished. I...
  10. R

    Motor Mount for Zenith CH750 Stol 2nd Ed Corvair Engine

    Motor Mount for Corvair Engine Came off Zenith 750 2nd Edition. Excellent Condition, Never Flown, TIG Welded, Painted Battleship Grey, $485 OBO + Shipping. Call Rick @ 772-283-4834
  11. S

    ZENITH CH 701 (Now flying with twice reduced Price..$26, $24, now $22,950)

    ZENITH CH 701 • $22,950 • FOR SALE • Mfg. Completed 2015, AWC received from FAA 5/28/15, First Flight 7/26/15, 0.5 hrs. TTAF, Rotax 582, 2.5 hrs. SMOH, B-Box, IVO prop, elec. start/trim, X-ponder - specifications, history of construction and pics on request • Contact Cliff B. Stripling...
  12. anvegger

    Blue Sky & Blue Glass Building welcome you

    Good morning HBA folks. My name is Anvegger and I am from Boston MA. Allow me to share with you my plans and my projects, ask some questions if you don't mind and acquire some skills from this valuable resource of talented people. But firstly about anvegger a bit. You can find me here: But I...
  13. T

    Zenith Zodiac 601XL-B $35K neg

    2008 Zenith Model 601XL-B, Experimental Aircraft Kit. Currently 80% finished. Complete is the fuselage, vertical and horizontal fins, wings, electric trim (flaps, aileron, elevator), and wheel pants. Duel throttle and sticks. New Corvair 100HP engine, including instrumentation. Has 30 gallon...
  14. S

    ZENITH CH 701

    ZENITH 701 • $26,950 • FOR SALE • Mfg/2015, 0 AF & 0 SMOH, Rotax 582, B-Box, IVO prop, elec. start/trim, radio/X-ponder - specs and pics • Contact Cliff B. Stripling, Owner - located Marble Falls, TX USA • Telephone: 830 693 2386
  15. Bill Clapp

    Information and Products for Corvair Power - Azalea Aviation

    To all, For those interested, Azalea Aviation LLC is providing information and products for corvair enthusiasts. Check out our website at azaleaaviation.com We will respond to direct questions when able. Thank you. Bill Clapp
  16. T

    Help a newbie get his head around STOL engine options...

    Hi everyone. Been lurking a while... Peat this point I decided I will attempt to build a STOL from a commercial kit. Something like a Highlander or Zenith or similar. I'm most interested in short takeoffs and landings... The ability to land on a postage stamp is terribly exciting to me. As long...
  17. Taiser

    Zenith CH750 build...

    HI! I've had some interest in my build on other forums. I figure if I put the details on here I can point people to this thread and generate some new traffic ;) and I figure it's a good place to keep a good track record of my build. Made some mistakes (minor) along the way and maybe this will...
  18. S

    Zenith 701

    I am looking for a Zenith 701 kit- you can email me at [email protected] or call 775-230-2357 Thanks:)
  19. AviatorKeith

    Zodiac CH 650B kit a good choice for a newbie?

    I was fortunate enough to find this forum through Google. My fascination with the number of people who have successfully built an aircraft at home prompted my research, which led me here. The thought of building my own aircraft interests me for a few reasons, not the least of which is the...
  20. fleetstreet

    CH 650

    I think I just fell in love! Anybody have experience with the Zodiac 650, or perhaps its predecessor, the 601 XL? P.S. The tail number is 601, but the Zenith pic says it's a 650.