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  1. Ricardo Moura

    Wings with end plates

    Happy 2022 and greetings from Cleveland. On Nov 14th of last year, the Kitplanes published an online article about end plates and winglets (link: https://www.kitplanes.com/design-process-end-plates-and-winglets/). I am curious if anyone here has ever seen or considered installing an end plate...
  2. A

    wood vs aluminum leading edges on a Christavia MK1

    I am considering purchasing a Christavia project. Christavia is a traditional rag and tube fuselage with a strut braced wood and fabric wing. Workmanship is superb. But one thing I discovered is it has wood leading edges on the wings. Plans call for aluminum. I worry about this is a major plans...
  3. D

    What's up with these webless ribs?

    Hi,I have seen a number of ultralights with wings whose ribs don't have webs e.g this Affordaplane: I once learnt that the webs in wing ribs help to transfer shear forces as well as wing loads on the wing skin to the spars,so my question is how will these "shear forces" be transfered from the...
  4. D

    Position of dragwires in wing bays

    Hello there����,pls take a good look at the small dots on the bays of this two-spar wing .my question is, is the drag and anti drag wire as seen in bay 1 supposed to connect to the root of the compression tube or to the intersection between the wing spars and compression tube as seen in bay 2...
  5. D

    Position of dragwires in wing bays

    Hello there����,pls take a good look at the small dots on the bays of this two-spar wing...
  6. D

    Is the wing attach fitting ever loaded with shear force?

    Do wing attach fittings of semi-cantilevered plane(eg a wire braced ultralight) ever get subjected to shear force?(for example during roll,does the centrifugal force of the wings load the wing attach fittings with shear?).
  7. D

    In sleeve:yes.....outsleeve???

    In sleeve tubes help to reinforce high stress areas in wing spars,my question is,is there anything like outsleeve tube? Isn't it better to just put a sleeve tube on the outside of the spar rather than cutting the spar then inserting the insleeeve tube?
  8. R

    BD 4 project for sale

    This BD 4 project was flying at one time. It had some hail damage and was torn down and stored inside for many years. There is no engine, the wings are fiberglass, the plans and some metal for the tail is included. It is being sold by my EAA Chapter 865 in Niles MI. We are not BD 4 experts so...
  9. R

    Do airliners like Boeing, Airbus use airfoil variation along span for their wings?

    0down votefavorite Airfoil variation will make significant difference in flow over the wing, thus proper variation according to lift profile should improve aerodynamic performance. But how much? Are major aviation players using it? Cannot find any reliable information on internet. wn...
  10. Dankie

    STOL 50kg payload aerofoil design

    Please i am building an UAV and i am designing the aerofoil for STOL which can lift payload of 50kg please how do i go about it. Please i am new to this
  11. A

    Research into increasing lift without increasing wing dimensions?

    Is anyone aware of any research into increasing lift without increasing wing dimensions? I am thinking maybe along the line of micro-structures and other tricks in material types. There might not be any, but I thought I would see if anyone has come across any interesting tidbits.
  12. C

    1,000lb "plane"

    Hi I'm new ere and to project planes,but not to building other things. I want to build this from the ground up as a prototype design I have, but while I wait on my Raymer's book to be delivered . I have some questions I'd like answered: 1: To lift a combined...
  13. J

    Building a semi human powered flying device

    Hi guys, I'm Jarno from the Netherlands and a new member here on this forum. I would like to share my project with all of u. I'm pretty sure I found a way to fly as a bird, using wings in combination with RC components, old kite/windsurf gear and android driven smartphones. I've been working...
  14. A

    Are wing piercing wings the future?

    Can anyone tell me more about this new wing piercing airplane from Warped Dynamics,LLC? They claim(Warped Dynamics, LLC - Home) it is the airfoil of the future were it pierces the air for reduce drag to increase fuel ecomony. They also claim it is efficient at low and high speed without the need...