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  1. N

    How are ribs attached to the spars of a tapered wing

    Hi, I was wondering how ribs are attached to the spars in a tapered wing? I'm asking because in a rectangular wing the ribs and the spars are at right angles to each other but not in a tapered wing. Thanks in advance
  2. N

    Question about planking

    Hi , I have no experience in planking but have a question about it nonetheless: How does one make sure that the wing planking is firmly attached to the underlying ribs especially if the wing profile is interpolated from root to tip? Thanks in advance
  3. N

    Ideal Weight distribution

    Hi, Let's suppose I know the wing load and total weight of a plane Is there a way to calculate or find out the ideal weights of the individual parts of the plane like fuselage and wing? Or with other words: What is the ideal weight distribution?
  4. N

    Wing weight

    Hi, I was just wondering whether there are some rules for how heavy an airplane wing must be at least and at most relative to the whole airplane weight in order for it to fly? Thanks in advance
  5. C

    Best spar construction/attachment for strength. Acrobatic wing design

    What is the best spar attachment for strength for wing load? Also should the wing be one piece, going through the fuselage with a one piece spar going from wing tip to wing tip? How are acrobatic aircraft wings/spars constructed and attached to allow such a heavy wing load?
  6. A

    Part 103 low speed ultralight glider design (wing)

    I need ideas of wing system for ultralight glider (such as Chanute, EasyRiser or Primary Instruction Glider) (may be biplane) low speed (25 - 40 hm/h) , weight of glider < 40 kg). My idea is next: biplane (wingspan - 6m, wing chord - 1.2m), S1210 airfoill...
  7. birdus

    Wing design for lightest possible wing

    If I wanted to build the lightest possible wing, how would it be constructed? For my sake, I'm thinking about a strut-braced wing, a la Luscombe 8 or Cessna 152. I'm thinking that the spars would be according to Jim Marske's designs: composite web or sandwich web, with the caps being made from...
  8. rapidshot

    Shear flow in wing box and single strut

    Hi all, I have been thinking on the subject for a while but couldn’t make an approach for hand calculations, Any recommendations are welcome, how does a single strut attached to front spar affect the shear flow in the box due to torsion, Do you think that shifting the elastic axis linearly...
  9. D

    Removing "useless" struts between the fore and aft wing spar of a goat4 ultralight.

    Hi people of HBA,my question is will there be any consequence if I remove the strut (A and B )between the wing spars of my goat4 ultralight? seen in this image below...
  10. D

    The use of the spanwise foam boards between the ribs of an Affordaplane ultralight.

    What is the use of the span wise foam boards between the ribs of Affordaplane wings?, are they there to help prevent rib movement\chaffing when the wing gets covered .Here is a picture of what am talking about Here's a video...
  11. D

    What is the function of leading edge strip? .....Hi,I understand the fuctions of every part of a fabric wing but not its leading edge strip,so what is its function?and can I remove the leading edge strip without hurting the wing performance?
  12. D

    How do I load test a wing?

    Hello,am David and am attempting to build an ultralight airplane.
  13. birdus

    F4U Corsair wing design

    Do the inboard sections of the F4U Corsair wing provide disproportionately less lift than the outboard sections, due to their steeper dihedral and the ductwork (oil cooler/supercharger inlets) on the leading edge? If so, any guesses as to how much I should increase the total span on my 70% F4U...
  14. K

    EAA Biplane Stainless Steel Wing Struts

    I have these left over from a deal awhile back and they were hiding and are now getting in the way of my workshop space. They look to be in really good condition and the shine is still mirror like. I have some more pictures I will upload. Not sure on an asking price (had one guy who was gonna...
  15. SpainCub

    Luscombe Model 8 Wing sing strut design

    Hi All, I have been looking for the Luscombe Model 8 Wing, and I have read that the used a truss inside the wing, basically trying the two spar together and connecting the single wing strut to it at about the 30% of Cord. But I have not found a single image to have a peak how they accomplished...
  16. M

    Wing (construction)

    Dear members, I have problem with optimization constructing of wing. My problem: Insufficient rigidity of the console Heavy weight So I have idea - change classical wing spar to Oblique ribs or Indirect spar. I desined my idea into cad model. You can download this link My question: Was...
  17. J

    Wing Shape and Flight Characteristics

    I’ve been going through Dan Raymer’s book on aircraft design for homebuilders; it's great! Now I’m at the point to design my wing and this is the first place I’ve gotten stuck. My aircraft mission is to be competitive in the aerobatic world, capable of all the advanced maneuvers normal and...
  18. Y

    Question on wing configuration for a Biplane

    I am currently working on designing a dual engine biplane and I was wondering does having either the top or bottom wing father forward or backwards have much of an effect? Such as this: Opposed to having one over the...
  19. A

    Laser / Edge / Rebel / Staudacher / wing - any type considered, please offer!

    Looking for a replacement to the old wood wing on our Laser 200 as winter project and as a way to possibly increase performance. Please offer anything, wood or composite, project or complete, torque tube or push-pull aileron type (although push-pull is preferred), independent of type of Laser...
  20. A

    Composite upper wing structure

    Hello, and thank you for viewing my question. Just a query I have regarding composites (has to be manufacturing using carbon/epoxy, 0/90 degree orientation) When designing a composite wing skin, to stiffen it, I propose to either have thicker geometry, insert a core (not sure which one) or...