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    I am searching for 2 seater ekranoplan/wigcraft plans for DIY. It can be off the shelf plan or somebody with experience to design it
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    Reality/Sanity check and input needed for WIG project

    Hello, I have been reading these pages for quite some time. A few years ago I had an account and was full of ideas but I stopped posting because I ran into some difficult times. This is my first post with a new ID and continuing my project. The best advice I ever read on getting started...
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    Wing In Ground Effect Craft Design

    I would like to discuss the different aerodynamic designs of wig craft. Any insight or information would be greatly appreciated. To get the conversation started I am interested in a longer range craft powered by twin engines, either Chevrolet motors or aircraft motors. A craft that is similar to...
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    XFLR5 Help Please

    Hi, I am trying to graphically modify a NACA 9318 in XFLR5 - is there a way to do this? I want to grab these points and pull them around, but when I attempt to do that the airfoil doesn't modify. You can see in this screen grab that the "Splines" menu is blanked out. Can anyone tell me what I...
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    Initial Calculations, .6 AR WIG Flying Boat, Airfoil Performance - Check My Numbers!

    I have been playing around with what I call a flying boat - meant to be more boat than aircraft. My 1:12 scale model was overweight, and rough; it did not fly. Pending my rebuild, I have been noodling some numbers. Here are some screen captures from an app on my phone called Airfoil...
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    Ground Effect Vehicles

    Hey everyone just thought I'd share this little experiment I did on ground effect vehicles, comparing three major GEV designs. From left to right, I have the Bixel, the Lippisch, and the Ekranoplan designs. I used Hoverman's plans for the Bixel and RdsG's for the Lippisch. Each one was made...
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    Trying to find as much info and input as I can on Walter M601Turboprop engine,&WIGs

    I am wanting to use the walter m601B engine in my WIG that I have designed and am building...Im looking for as much info as I can find on the engine,its maintenance ,its uses,its mounting etc....I have access to the engines[at a price]and think it will be perfect for my craft,,She is a totally...
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    WANTED Source files for Wing In Ground Craft

    Hi from Brasil :) (Portuguese spelling ) I AM only new to this forum and hope to gain a knowledge of aircraft design. My principal interest is in the construction of Wing in Ground craft. WIGs are also known as Ekroplan (USSR), Wingship (USA), AGEC (Germany), WISES (Japan), Flarecraft (Jörg...