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    Matco wheels can be run tubeless or with tubes. I have run both ways, and am considering going back to tubeless after running tubes for several years. What are your thoughts and experiences?
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    Brand new 2 Airhawk tires with new tubes and Azusa Tri-Star aluminum wheels 3/4" tapered bearings. both for the price of one $ 175.00 you pay shipping 603-401-0740
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    Ultralight wheels

    Good evening, I'm designing a small personal ultralight and I'm wondering what size wheels are usually run. What actually interest is what the smallest possible wheels are for a lightweight project like this. I'm designing a retractable wheel setup with very limited space. The aircraft would be...
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    Cleveland Wheels, Brakes and Tires

    I have all three wheels and tires, brand new from cleveland brakes. Brake assembly as well. I have all of it listed on ebay for 1500 obo. Please feel free to go look at the photos and make an offer. Aviation Parts | eBay
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    Flat Tires Solved!

    At least aircraft tires won't slowly go flat during storage. I would guess the tire wearing tread is re-capable and weighs less than most current tires/wheels, besides your brakes are enjoy the additional cooling. Just imagine not having to dispose of old tires. Ed
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    600 X 6 Cleveland wheels and Brakes

    FOR SALE IS A set of NEW 600 X 6 Cleveland wheels P/N 40-113X , Brake Calipers P/N 20-75X, and Torque/mounting plates. Wheels are complete with brake disks and bearings. They fit a 1.5" axle. I believe they are for several models of Cessna - may be certified for other aircraft ( you can check...