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  1. S

    Starduster Too: Required Builder Skills

    To anyone that can offer advice, Despite the thread title, this post is really about acquiring the skills to build a tube and fabric airplane. Many years ago I fell in love with the Stolp Starduster and its pretty sculpted wings. I have decided that the two-seat SA-300 Starduster Too, is the...
  2. birdus

    Welding different steels together

    I'm working on designing a tail wheel (the "brackets", not the wheel—is there a name for that?). I've got some 4130 and was hoping I could pick up some additional mild steel at the local metal yard to complete the assembly. Would there be a problem welding other steels to 4130? Specifically, I...
  3. A

    A DRDT-2 Frame Build Video

    Something I threw together guys Have a look Let me know if you like it https://youtu.be/287_OwwMKto
  4. base363

    Steel tube fuselage DVD

  5. base363

    Christmas - New Years Sale (Steel Tube Construction DVD)

    Enter code JRE13 in the notes and receive a $10 discount on my Steel Tube Aircraft Construction DVD. Offer good through January 5, 2014. Thanks! Index
  6. S

    Aircraft Exhaust Systems

    Sonic Headers Inc. manufactures and repairs aircraft exhaust systems and components. Our Experimental Exhaust is manufactured using 321 Stainless Steel materials. We offer PVC Kit or can copy Your Existing Design. Our Customer Service is Superior to any others... We have a large OEM direct...
  7. S

    Newbie from Australia

    G'day all, Well folks I'm not a forum type of guy really,however i found some interesting threads on HBA.com and thought i could contribute in some small way with my experience in the welding and fabrication areas. Thanks, Smithy
  8. S

    Proper welding rod for 4140N

    When welding 4130N using the TIG process which rod is preferred, ER80S-D2 or ER70S-2? I am about to begin welding my custom fuselage frame and I am leaning toward the ER70S-2. There are many opinions on the internet by most discussions revolve around auto racing frames and not aircraft. For...