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  1. N

    Ideal Weight distribution

    Hi, Let's suppose I know the wing load and total weight of a plane Is there a way to calculate or find out the ideal weights of the individual parts of the plane like fuselage and wing? Or with other words: What is the ideal weight distribution?
  2. N

    How to know if a rc plane is too heavy to fly?

    Hi, I want to know how to know when a rc plane is too heavy for it to fly. Thanks in advance
  3. N

    Wing weight

    Hi, I was just wondering whether there are some rules for how heavy an airplane wing must be at least and at most relative to the whole airplane weight in order for it to fly? Thanks in advance
  4. F

    RV-4 Mazda RX-8 Renesis install

    I had promised to post weight numbers when I got to the point where I could unbolt the engine mount with complete engine installation from the fuselage. Engine filled with oil (5 quarts) and coolant (6 quarts 50/50 water/glycol). No prop. Gear legs mounted. 370 pounds on digital bathroom scale...
  5. birdus

    Wing design for lightest possible wing

    If I wanted to build the lightest possible wing, how would it be constructed? For my sake, I'm thinking about a strut-braced wing, a la Luscombe 8 or Cessna 152. I'm thinking that the spars would be according to Jim Marske's designs: composite web or sandwich web, with the caps being made from...
  6. B

    Original Skypup (no mods) and safe pilot weight.

    I have plans for the Skypup on the way and I didn't take into effect my weight. I'm fitness conscious (workout everyday) and i weigh 145 - 160 depending how much i cut or bulk up. I very RARELY get above 160 maybe 1 or 2 lbs. Im planning on running with a 25hp (or close to) engine. A) Am i too...
  7. B

    How much do wings weigh??

    I'm looking at a wing that juts out 12.5ft from the side of the plane. Not decided if its cantilever or braced yet. If it is braced, the brace will attach to wing only 3.5 ft from the fuselage leaving a full 9 ft hanging out there. 4.6ft wide. gross weight plane 580lbs. Trying for 6G max load...
  8. PorcoRosso

    Choosing wood over aluminium worth it?

    I've found wonderful resources on a future project I'd like to start early on, an ultralight glider. As things go, the plans for aircraft of this type are usually aluminium tubing and bolted joints (nothing welded or made of machined metal). Would it first off be possible to replace all...