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  1. C


    Starting to sell off my plans and blueprint collection of 300+drawings. THIS Set is NEW. Has a singe cut across maybe 10-15 pages- looks like someone opened up the package and was not careful. Does not degrade the drawing quality. $275.00 includes Priority Mail shipping to lower 48.
  2. CBHurricane

    80% Scale Hawker Hurricane

    I'm wondering if it'd be possible to create an 80% scale version of a hawker hurricane using an LS engine similar to the 80% P51 that has been built. Not sure the exact name of the person who built it, but found an engine runup video on the forum while reading everything I can. Being new to...
  3. N

    BF109-F :Wing appears to be too thick

    Hi, I'm currently designing a 3d model of the Messerschmitt BF109 in Blender. I have found out, that the ME109 uses the NACA 2414 airfoil at the root of the wing and the NACA 2411 airfoil at the wingtip. However, when I compare the relative thickness of the wing I modeled to the relative...
  4. R

    List of plans-built warbird replicas

    Let’s compile a list of plans-built and kit-built warbird replicas. They should include modern materials, modern engines and flight characteristics toned-down for low-time pilots by designers like Robert Baslee, Marcel Jurca, Graham Lee, Loehle, W.AR., etc. Antoinette Bleriot DeHavilland...
  5. whizzywhizzer

    BF-109 G10 build 26 feb 2016

    this is the plane so far............ finally got the armour plate fitted in =D
  6. whizzywhizzer

    BF109 life size build

    here's an update shot of where I'm at on the plane so far 23 - December 2015. also here is an artist's recreation of how the plane would look in action............
  7. halfscalemustang

    Fairchild Ranger prop governor

    I'm working on my P51 project and it's powered with a Fairchild ranger 440 in line six. I'm trying to figure out the prop situation, specifically a prop governor. Is there a spot on the engine to drive one? Were these engines ever outfitted with one? If not how does a guy pull off a scale...
  8. halfscalemustang

    P-51 Replica Q&A

    The V-12 Jurca Mustang that you have all seen on ebay and yes, Barnstormers is none other than mine, good ol halfscalemustang! The same wide eyed kid with a dream to fly a Mustang. The v-12'? guess where you've seen them before, you guessed it! Here! The exhaust and cooling scenarios have been...
  9. halfscalemustang

    MJ-77 Jurca P-51 Mustang

    Well guys I ditched the 50% P-51 and grew up to an 80%! I just brought home a partially built MJ-77 Mustang. From what I learned on the previous Mustang, I feel quite confident that this a quality airframe. Since I bought and sold the last Mustang I have since acquired a Quickie Tri-Q, 53' Piper...
  10. halfscalemustang

    P-51 replica parts

    Looking for engine cowlings, belly scoop, and other misc. parts to be used on 80% Jurca P-51 Mustang. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  11. D

    Aircraft as Product: Design, Modularity, Mass Production Methods

    Introduction Hi, I'm a new member here, but I've been doing a ton of lurking over the last few months, reading up threads in this section and trying to get a sense of what's-what round here. My background is a now-senior Industrial Design Student at the Rhode Island School of Design. My father...
  12. J

    Great Resource for Historic Aviation Restoration

    "Dear fellow enthusiasts - We've just started collecting and scanning historical aviation manuals for enthusiasts or restorers. We put a lot of time and effort into the project (that's why we can't give them away for free) and recommend that you take a look at our website. These manuals are...