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  1. P

    VariEze and LongEze Plans Wanted

    Looking to get a set for use and donation to a Library of VariEze plans LongEze would not appriciated as well but would like the VariEze plans most. Scale copies/accurate reproductions would be for use though originals would be nice for the Library. Anyway please let me know if you can help with...
  2. W


    clean out the hangers and drawers. I'm looking for your dusty, forgotten about build manuals/prints/plans for your no-longer-around high wing, tail dragging, pusher. 1 or 2 place. I'm not really that picky. let me know what you got, maybe I can take them off your hands?!
  3. J

    BD-5 drive system/engine/main landing gear/etc.

    Looking for: 1) BD5 drive system. An engine that is matched to it is ideal, but if it was for a fairly common engine I may be able to work with it. 2) Main landing gear (I have 2 nose struts, so OK there) but am missing the mains. Thanks, -jeff
  4. 8

    WANTED: Dynon FlightDEK-D180 or D100

    Hi Everyone--Looking for a Dynon FlightDEK-D180 or D100 7" EFIS for my Sonex project. I have a Dynon D10A I would be willing to use as a partial trade or will sell the D10A once I replace it with a FD180 or D100. Please call Stuart before 10:30 pm EST 781-985-2775 Thank You!
  5. S

    Zenith 701

    I am looking for a Zenith 701 kit- you can email me at [email protected] or call 775-230-2357 Thanks:)
  6. V

    Velocity XL Kit

    I'm looking for an unstarted / unfinished Velocity XL kit. Retractable gear and factory-built wings/fuselage preferred. $20,000 - $35,000. If you're interested in selling one, please send a description of your kit, your asking price, and your location to: [email protected]
  7. antero

    WANTED - Used Clecos

    I have started a Sonex Waiex project and am in need of an inventory of sheet metal holders and figure this might be the kind of thing that someone may have way to many of lying around, rather than paying for new ones. This is what Sonex Aircraft says is the minimum required, but i wouldn't mind...