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  1. SpainCub

    STOL/VTOL Or close to VTOL design.

    Wow, I had been keeping an eye on this project for a while now, since I am involved in one very similar for a competing platform... for my personal use :giggle If we can only get batteries for a density of say 6000W-h/kg we could soon be flying in things like these... (soon?) Here is...
  2. SpainCub

    Electric VTOL?

    Looks like someone is "claiming" to be building a functional prototype... Sorry, the image applet did not allow to retrieve it locally.... Here is the full scoop. Invention Awards 2014: A Personal Electric Airplane That Won't Need A Runway | Popular Science
  3. S

    Just an idea...

    Hi all together I recently saw some pictures of planes like Custer's channelwings, or the Edglely Optica... and after a few days there was something like an idea forming in my head. (by the way: i really hope that my school-taught-english allows me to really make what i imagine... If that's not...
  4. J

    A New VTOL Aircraft Concept

    Hi All, I have a new VTOL aircraft concept that offers vertical takeoff with a similar rotor disc loading to helicopters but a high speed cruise to about 400 MPH, if enough power is installed to reach that speed. Please see Welcome to Tiltplane.com | New VTOL Concept. In the hover mode the...
  5. P

    Hiller Flying Plateform Planning, All Ideas Highly Appreciated, Aircraft Noob

    If you already read this, or might of responded, please disregard. I think this may be a more appropriate area for feedback and inspiration. I am fascinated with the Hiller Flying Platform. I am too scared to go 1000's of feet up, and would just like to stay within 5-10ft of earth to start...
  6. A

    discussion of new aircraft

    I would like to discuss an old patent - US Patent 3633849. It was filed on July 28, 1969. The patent discloses a flying craft in which a stationary cabin is supported within a rotating shell. It's like a gyroscope, reversely constructed. Instead of mounting a spinning disc on a stationary...