viking 130

  1. S

    My 1st post. I own a Sonerai IIL & need advice.

    Hi guys, this is my first post. I own a Sonerai IIL & need advice on engine options. I bought it wrecked for $500. It has some fuselage tubes that got bent. I TIG weld so that's no problem to fix. The Sonerai IIL is designed for a VW Type1 engine. I had a fully built automotive race VW...
  2. rv6ejguy

    Viking 130 Flight Experience

    I am interested in anyone's direct experience FLYING a Viking 130 engine. Not interested in opinions or second/ third hand talk, just actual experience, good or bad. I already know the story of Jan's Subaru and early Viking 110 engines so no need to start a discussion on those. On topic posts...