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    Rotax 912 Performance upgrades (Turbo, Big Bore, Etc)

    I have a Zenith 601XL-B that's getting close to needing an engine, and since I'm out west in Southern California with family in CO, I'm thinking I need something with some high altitude performance and reliability behind it since I'll be flying over mountains - and of course I'm on a budget...
  2. R

    New constant speed propeller for Rotax 912/Jabiru 3300

    Hello all During the development of the AXSport carbon fibre aerobatic LSA we had to build a few propellers for these aircraft. First wood, then ground adjustable carbon. This led over the past few years into the AXSport Aviation constant speed propellers. Developed for the Rotax 912/914 and...
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    For Sale 70" Variable-Pitch IVOPROP Propeller

    Black. Left-Hand Turning "Pusher" Variable-Pitch Magnum Propeller. 70" IVOPROP. Retail $1050.00. Asking $450.00. Call for more information: Kevin L. King, Owner - located Anaheim, CA USA • Telephone: 714-863-5600 . 714-981-6403 . 714-630-5171
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    Low HP Variable Pitch Propeller

    Hi All, Im looking for alternatives for a variable pitch prop for low horsepower engine (40 - 65 hp). Anyone have any good suggestions? What Ive found so far: Neuform - for CT Air-contact - since dissapeared as has Kiev... Or just the hub? Thanks! Matthew