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  1. A

    How is my building looking so far? RV-7 Elevator

    Hello all i don't want to spend 400$+ on my inspection quite yet and i was wondering if you guys could give me some pointers on my work? Thanks Andrew
  2. fixnflyr

    Comanche 250 for flying experimental of equal value

    Will trade for flying experimental of equal value. Comanche is valued at $54000. See ad of Barnstormers for pics and details or give m a call at 912-six five five-096 six. Serious offers please. We are located near Savannah, Ga. Thanks, Swaid Rahn
  3. expercraft

    RV-7 tail kit (HStab completed) plus tools [reasonable offers]

    It is with a heavy heart that I post but for now building her is not in the cards. This metal was meant to fly so it is best to get it to someone on a faster build track than I. This is a complete empennage kit (with serial # from Van's) for a Van's RV-7 (tailwheel) and Avery basic RV tool...
  4. H

    Hello from Germany

    Hello, French, resident in the UK, living in Bavaria part of the year and flying in South Africa the rest of the time. I came to aviation quite late even though it was a long time passion that I initially started in Somerset, New-Jersey in the 80s. I have a SA PPL gradually adding ratings. Soon...
  5. nysaircraft


    Brand New RV-12 built by Nys Aircraft, Inc. is available for purchase. Own your own, brand new plane in less than a month. Please check out our website to see our work. Feel free to email or call with any questions you may have. :) :)
  6. nysaircraft

    Nys Aircraft _ Building the Dream

    Nys Aircraft, Inc.'s owner, John Nys, began building airplanes in 1993, while working at American Airlines in Tulsa. His son, Broc, had recently moved from Ohio to Oklahoma & become involved in aviation as well. After building several RVs together Broc encouraged John to take an early...