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  1. smittysrv

    RV Builder Search

    Looking for other RV builders? Find them and their build websites here:
  2. J

    My Safety Concerns About Bubble Canopies

    Hi everybody, My boys and I are finally at a place where we can start a build, and this topic has been on my mind. We've been looking at Zenith 650s for a long time, and also like the Sling 2, Sonex and the RV-12. Problem is, they're ALL bubble canopy planes, and I just can't get comfortable...
  3. C

    Howdy from the Ozarks

    I am a lifelong aviation nut, and two of our children fell from the same tree. In the mid-1960s I received a Glider rating and did about 10 hours of solo afterwards. That doesn't sound like much, but if you fail to catch thermals at 3,000 feet, you are back on the ground in less than 30...