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  1. WorldWideWayne

    Planning the adventure of a lifetime and hello from Germany!

    Hi there, Since I am planning on flying an UL in the US in summer of 2022 I have tons of questions regarding FAR103 and just general questions about flying an Ultralight Aircraft in the US. This might sound a little crazy.. My plan is to acquire a 103 compliant plane - preferably the "Merlin...
  2. A

    USA Kit Building Centres Wanted!!

    Hi there, We are currently in a process of bringing to the US market a STOL aircraft designed and built here in Australia. It has been in production since 2003 however only in the form of hand cut, bent, welded, riveted and so on. Our intent is to advance the production of the kit so that it...
  3. clanon

    Incredible: Journalists used machine learning to unmask secret surveillance flights