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  1. B

    Sleeping in an UL during a thunderstorm. Bad idea? OK?

    I've read a few places where people, when either at an airport or in the "woods", sleep next to or IN their UL or LSA. This sounds okay, but what if it is raining or the is thunder and LIGHTENING? If your in something like a Quicksilver then i think you would be likely to get zapped. ULs and...
  2. B

    How much does a fuselage weigh?

    Working on UL plane design. Semi-cantilever wings. Span 28 ft. Height 3.5ft without landing gear. I cant seem to get the weights to work out even though i see planes line the backyard flyer and the belite that get the job done. Fuselage FRAME weight is giving me grief right now. Am I way off the...
  3. B

    COMPRESSED AIR instead of gas or electric? WHY NOT??

    Compressed air blows, that's why. 34 whr/kg and a whr/L thingy that is so darned low the Devil has to look down at it. BUT, ignoring that completely, can you put an air tank at say 2000psi in your little plane, and use the air pressure to directly turn the prop in such a way as to mimic a 15hp...
  4. B

    Where do you get engines? What kind?...sorta engines 101 for a dude without a clue.

    Very newbie question: where the heck do you get your engine(s)? Any four strokes out there at 30hp and weigh slightly less? And why isn't anyone using Products : Homepage: 3W Modellmotoren - Modellmotoren und Flugzeuge engines? There are two strokes on there that are 18hp and weigh only...
  5. B

    How much do wings weigh??

    I'm looking at a wing that juts out 12.5ft from the side of the plane. Not decided if its cantilever or braced yet. If it is braced, the brace will attach to wing only 3.5 ft from the fuselage leaving a full 9 ft hanging out there. 4.6ft wide. gross weight plane 580lbs. Trying for 6G max load...
  6. B

    How does an American fly in CANADA??????

    There is soooo much wilderness and flying country in Canada it calls to me. I can imagine ultralight flying in Ontario or British Columbia. I read that their definition of an ultralight is a bit different and they require a license. Can I get one as an American? How does someone in Michigan go...
  7. B

    What percent of ultralights are overweight?

    So....just wondering... what do you all here think the percentage of supposedly "real" 103 ultralights are actually 20lbs or less overweight. Kinda got this thing i want to build that goes up in the air and stays there until i tell it to stop that. A mere 15 to 20 lbs overage is stopping me...
  8. corvettercr

    very nice robertson b1-rd. fresh complete restore

    hi guys, time to sell my wonderfull b1-rd. Prev. Owner rebuilt and restored the plane. I have somewhere around 35-40 hrs on the plane sense the restore. Engine is a cuyuna ul430rr. Completely rebuilt 35-40 hrs ago. Always starts within 2-5 pulls. New sails and always hangered. Only reason for...
  9. danmoser

    Bright Star SWIFT ultralight sailpane

    S/N 037 located in Sandy, Utah (Salt Lake City area). This glider is in good condition and is a joy to fly. Included are full fairing with new canopy material, motor mount (no motor or prop), 2nd Chantz ballistic reserve chute, and misc. spare parts. It flies very well and comes with a...
  10. MotoChaos

    A voice from Upstate New York!

    Hello all! My name is Jason and I live in upstate New York, just outside of the city of Watertown. I have always wanted to fly, since I was very young, and I have recently got the itch to do something about it. Winter is here and that means less things to do outside, so my plan is to begin...
  11. R

    Rw16 almost ready to fly ..with many pictures..

    Hi I bought an RW 16 that was mainly completed. It needed a lot of tweaking, this airplane has never been flown. So far I have: Fixed all of the fuel lines they were leaking Fabricated rudder stops fixed pull starting system installed seat belt replaced bolts that were an incorrect length...
  12. H

    For Sale 503 rotax with ebox for sale

    I have a 50 HP 503 Rotax with Ebox for sale with 196 hrs since rebuild with new crank and rods,489 hrs TTSN,Exhaust and Dual Carbs,Throttle Cable and Fuel Pump.This engine was removed from my Flightstar for a upgrade to a 582.runs very good and strong,Electric Starter as well as pull...
  13. P

    Foam Ultralight?- New Design

    Hi forum, I have been researching building aircraft for a long time and want an ultralight (can't solo- not old enough) but none of these airplanes are as strong as I would like or are too much. I have been also researching the design of my own and came up with a plan for a sporty looking, low...
  14. Tiger Tim

    What's wrong with the Affordaplane?

    Or, more correctly, how would you fix it? Like so many others, I'm intrigued by this simple-looking airplane and interested in building something like it some day. I don't know if it's the in-your-face simplicity of the airplane, the excitement of flying so exposed (while still in a...
  15. S

    Ultralight Trike for experience pilot?

    Hello all!! I have been looking at Ultralight Trikes for a few weeks now and I have some general questions for anyone who has flown a Trike and also flow other aircraft. Im an experienced pilot with over 4,000 hrs of flying a current airline pilot and experienced GA pilot. I have flown a...
  16. B

    Make a list of good legal powered ultralights

    Plz I'll do a dance :ban::ban::ban::ban::ban::ban::ban::ban::ban::ban::ban::ban::ban::ban::ban::ban::ban::ban::ban::ban::ban:
  17. X

    Legal Eagle XL Affordaplane Hybrid- Looking for Input

    To begin, I have been a long time enthusiast of Ultralights, and have always wanted to build my own. I had an idea in looking at two of the common ultralight designs, and may be in a want my cake and eat it too situation. I am extremely comfortable doing metal work and uncomfortable doing wood...
  18. Q

    Rogallo Wing/Wasp Wing Trike

    Hey guys recently I was looking at Ultralight Trikes and I saw the Wasp Wing Trike/Powered Hang Glider here is the link if anyone has not seen it Remember the Wasp Wing? See it in Ultralights and thought that it would make a great ultralight. I wanted to know has anyone seen plans out there or...
  19. Karaikun

    Possible builder.....

    Hi guys Short introduction I'm a 17 year old guy from southern Finland and i really got fascinated with these ultra/microlight aircraft when I saw one of the ultralight trikes :) Plans I am thinking of starting my own build, and I'm considering a ultralight trike for the simplicity, but I...
  20. T

    Weedhopper CAD drawn plans

    CAD drawn plans available for the Model 40 and the 2 Place Weedhopper ultralights. Taking orders now. The files can either be emailed or sent on a CD. For more details check out my website. Most detailed Weedhopper Plans available