ultralight aircraft


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  1. Ollie Krause

    Hardware & Material Suppliers

    Hi Home Built Airplanes Enthusiasts, I'm still very new to the Home Built Airplanes community but something that I've struggled with is finding suppliers all the proper hardware I need as well as the dimensions of it. I couldn't find a pre-existing thread that lists popular suppliers so I...
  2. Ollie Krause

    Flight Club - Ultralight Build Log

    Hi Home Built Airplanes Enthusiasts, My name is Ollie Krause and I'm happy to introduce Flight Club Aerospace, an aerospace design team organized and run by students from several high schools around the San Francisco Bay Area. Over the past couple months, we've been working to design our own...
  3. P

    Low powered aircraft design

    Hello! Recently I have been interested in reading about aircraft with incredibly low power requirements. From light wing loading, to huge wing spans, or human power and engine power! I think, because of how much engines cost, affordable flight would be a single seat, low horsepower flying...