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    Contra rotating propellers

    Does anyone know where I can find a contra rotating propeller mechanism? This is a setup that has two propellers on the same axis. One drive shaft is inside the main pipe. The other drive shaft is outside the main pipe. The drive shafts are coaxial and each has its own pulley and propeller. Each...
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    A Twin For Me

    I have been a Pilot for 26 years and I am an animator. I have worked int he aerospace industry for the past 15 years creating realistic 3d imagery and animation for large and small companies including Boeing, Parker Aerospace and a few general aviation companies such as Epic and Lancair...
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    boxed in sesquiplane twin - possible improved deflection of propeller slipstream

    I have been toying with the idea of a boxed in sesquiplane twin , with junkers flaps on both wings and spoilers on main wing outer panels . I hope to gain improved low speed roll controll , lighter spar on main wing , and possibly less penelty from having the wings close togther (half cord...
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    Twin Engine Configuration Questions

    I've been looking at some twins with the tractor engines mounted closely together like the Grumman XF-5F, DeHavilland Hornet, and Fw-189. It seems like good solution to minimize asymmetric thrust and it puts the prop blades out of harm's way. Rutan used a variation of this configuration on his...
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    Hi all: This is the first time I have posted here, so hope it is in the right spot. I have owned the original Powers-Bashforth MiniMaster for many years now and have decided to start work on it in earnest. Several people have told me the plane had issues and that is why it was not produced...