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  1. B

    Cheapest solution for Mode C Transponder and ADS-B?

    I am starting a build, and as life goes I am living under the Mode C veil of SAN. So basically I have two choices. One, making it non-engine-driven-electrical and being exempted. Two, biting the bullet and getting a Mode-C transponder and an ADS-B. I guess in a busy airspace where we are, being...
  2. MauleOwner

    For Sale Com & Transponder Radios

    1) - Narco AT150 TSO s/n#36532 w/tray - $175 1) - Narco AR-850 Altitude Reporter s/n#81206 - $155 1) - New Icon IC-A210 s/n#2103422 w/tray - $975 Prefer to sell as set w/harness & trays: $350 for both 1) - Narco AT150 TSO s/n#23169 1) - Narco Com 120 TSO s/n#13056 For more pics or...
  3. N

    Cheapest mode s with squiter transponder?

    Building a new experimental homebuilt in aus which wont be finished for a couple of years but looking at the required transponders and it has to be equipped with a mode s with squiter (adsb out) transponder under the new rules, these all seem very expensive at the moment eg. $2500+ what is the...
  4. B

    For Sale Microair Avionics mode C transponder with altitude encoder & harness

    Microair Avionics T2000SFL mode C transponder in perfect working condition. Lightweight and compact - excellent for homebuilt and light aircraft! Selling due to upgrade to mode S. Transponder has hardly been used, less than 50 hours in under a year. Included is a Microair EC2002 digital...
  5. J

    mode s Transponder programming, how to convert ICAO 24 bit AA in HEX-format?

    Anyone know how to turn my aircraft's registered 24-bit address: 110000000010110110010100 into HEX format (should be six digits/letters) Thanks (I've got a Pipistrel VirusSW with a 100hp rotax)