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  1. M

    Question Regarding LSA Instructors

    It is my understanding that any "Private Pilot" (Subpart H) CFI can provide LSA pilot training (which can count towards private pilot credit), but what are the training/soloing requirements for the aircraft used? Does the aircraft used need to adhere to LSA requirements, or can a normal...
  2. Hot Wings

    Modern Primary Glider for training

    I've got some spare time this weekend so here is what I've been spending some of that time on. A Modern Primary Glider, or MPG. For the purpose of this thread I'll defined an MPG as a basic training vehicle in the spirit of the old SG-38 primary gliders but built with more modern materials...
  3. B

    Flight Training

    Anyone know any CFI's in the Georgia area that would consider trading flight training for Mantenance. I am an A&P who is trying to get my PPL to use as a missionary in Alaska when I retire from the military.
  4. TinBender

    FAA Wiring Practices Training

    Greetings, I believe the powerpoint I have uploaded to Google Docs and linked here is an invaluable resource. While directed at airline maintenance personel (where training on this subject is an annual requirement), it is an excellent visual aide showing good and bad wiring examples. While an...
  5. M

    MVCC Baby Lakes

    Mohawk Valley Community College Aviation Maintenance Program: Heres some pics of our Baby Lakes I'd like to share with Everyone.
  6. Topaz

    Use of E-AB for flight training in a CLUB situation.

    Just outta curiosity... Those of you who know the regs better than I: E-AB cannot be used for compensation or hire. Fair 'nuff. However, you can pay an instructor to give you flight instruction in your own E-AB aircraft. The key point seems that you cannot charge for the use of the aircraft...