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  1. M

    Free christavia MK-1 AND MK-4 plans, free to good home

    Come get them and all of the stuff. Have pics. Don't want to throw away, its got to go.
  2. Meyaht

    Open cockpit, seaplane, biplane, tandem dream.

    Does this have to remain always a dream for me or are there some kind of plans out there that would hit all these criteria? Basically I've always wanted a plane like the one in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. I just want something with an open cockpit that's easy to fly nice and slow that...
  3. VeloNaut

    Looking for sailplane fuselage

    I am alooking for a used posibly damaged sailplane fuselage to use in the making of a Velocar.
  4. P

    For Sale Rans S-7 Courier for sale

    This is a 2000 model with a Rotax 912 80 hp. A real STOL performer on wheels or floats. Full details at http://www.pipcom.com/~cowcam/S7ignu.htm