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  1. cluttonfred

    Tandem-wing LSA/microlight concept and poll

    Hi, as many of you know, I have a thing for tandem-wing aircraft: Mignet, Croses, Mauboussin, Rutan, you name it. So here's a concept for an original design with tandem wings. Since the French microlight regulations were recently updated to allow a little more weight and speed, those numbers...
  2. S

    Aft delta tandems and the people who love them

    So, my latest batch of ideas involve exploring the possible advantages of tandems where the aft wing is a delta. Seaplane Cargo/passenger plane General fun flyer Utility cargo/passenger/bush plane Small fun flyer Will the directional stability imparted by the delta be enough to not...
  3. T

    Reality/Sanity check and input needed for WIG project

    Hello, I have been reading these pages for quite some time. A few years ago I had an account and was full of ideas but I stopped posting because I ran into some difficult times. This is my first post with a new ID and continuing my project. The best advice I ever read on getting started...
  4. T

    Tandem wings (Yes, again.... Sorry!)

    *ducks to avoid the shower of abuse, empty beer bottles and tin cans* So, I've trawled through several threads and picked up one or two things about tandem wings, but I really don't see why they aren't more popular. I understand that if you don't get the centre of gravity correct, then they...
  5. karoliina.t.salminen

    Tandem wing for high efficiency? Case Proteus

    I was asking earlier about the flying wing. I would like to understand throughly the case of tandem wing as well as I want to rule out not good configurations that do not meet the criteria for my target: - In conventional aircraft you do not have the extra wetted area from the extra wing area...