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  1. michael Hille

    Testing out the STOL performance zenith 750 , SEAREY and Magni gyro Rotax 915

    Testing out the STOL performance
  2. michael Hille

    3 seat Cruzer loaded in the back

    yes this aircraft is registered as a 3 seat
  3. michael Hille

    Recently completed Zenith 750 down the beach

    Hi this is my zenith 750 Cruzer flying down the beach for breakfast now has 46 hrs on the Hobbs
  4. michael Hille

    Hi I have recently completed my scratch built Zenith 750 Cruzer with custom 160hp Subaru

    Hi I have just finished my scratch built 750 and having a blast flying it. This is my second scratch built aircraft with custom engine installation. Performance is awesome, Here is a link to the video of short field takeoff from the beach.