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  1. M

    Ultralight struts/cantilever/additional weight

    Ultimately I am dancing around the questions "is it fair to compare the construction of Kolb wings to Thunder Gull wings?" What did the Thunder Gull design that other ultralights don't follow suit? Not necessarily the airfoils or aerodynamics but the actual construction choices. I think I am...
  2. K

    For Sale EAA Biplane Stainless Steel Wing Struts

    I have these left over from a deal awhile back and they were hiding and are now getting in the way of my workshop space. They look to be in really good condition and the shine is still mirror like. I have some more pictures I will upload. Not sure on an asking price (had one guy who was gonna...
  3. S

    Considering a build

    Hello, and thanks for having me! I am doing more aerial landscape photography each year and would really enjoy a high wing without struts in the field of view. My trusty Cessna 182 has those lovely strong struts, right in the way. Any suggestions for a strut-less high wing kit? Thanks.
  4. hrishikesh


    Friends, Hi! It has been a long time since I logged in. I am almost nearing the end of the basic structural design of my ultralight aircraft. It is powered by a 21 horsepower Simonini engine with a 44'' propeller. our wing is 12 feet long(per side) and weighs about 25 kilograms together. The...