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  1. S

    Repair of compromised Longeron

    Hello All, I'm the proud owner of a new Sonex. Unfortunately, there are some issues with the previous owner's work. In a few instances, he redrilled holes next to others and near edges, seriously compromising the structural integrity of the piece (in this case, horizontal stabilizer spar)...
  2. proppastie

    Abbott Aerospace Inc. Spreadsheets

    lots of interesting stuff. Hope they do not remove it. Spreadsheets | Abbott Aerospace Inc.
  3. proppastie

    Basic Aerodynamics Question

    Looking at Gottingen 535 airfoil data: There is data point for C.P. (Center of pressure?) at 92% of chord from leading edge at -6 deg, and the C.P. curve is extended to -150% of chord from leading edge. So how is the center of pressure not on the wing, off in space so to speak, or what does...
  4. proppastie

    Another Air Loads Question Wing Drag/Stress

    All the wing loading calculations for stressing the wing (at least those I have found) do not figure the wing drag as a loading condition. Is this because it is less than torque loading, or in the case of the glider wing tip landing forces? Am I just not finding it or is it not done for...
  5. proppastie

    Spar Stress FEA and Spread Sheet

    Attached is a fairly famous spread sheet with my numbers, and a FEA report at the target location. I used pin constraints of the same diameter as my target design conversion. I only pretend to know what I am doing so any help the more experienced can give will be appreciated. I have many...
  6. G

    Too Many Links To List

    1st Happy Holidays to Everyone. First take a look at this, then select which one your are: Now the results of my mining links: Public Domain Aeronautical Software (PDAS) Sources of Aeronautical Software Airfoil Wing Design Program Software Free - Web - PEMonitorHosted XFLR5 Fixed Wing...