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  1. michael Hille

    Some mods I did to the Zenith 750 and VG review

    Including flight test stalls after VG installation
  2. S

    David Ullman, IDEAL using electric ducted fans in battery or hybrid electric planes

    I am interested to hear what others think of Dr. Ullman and his research on using ducted fans to increase lift with the Coanda affect. His goal is to allow near VTOL with diminished induced drag and less wing area.
  3. T

    So, what's my kit plane REALLY gonna cost when it's all done?

    I'm lolling around to see what budget I should expect for building a Sort-of STOL bush plane. I want to do this kind of stuff: But in reality, I will probably spend more time landing on, errr, more traditional landing spots. If I can get over the...
  4. Dankie

    STOL 50kg payload aerofoil design

    Please i am building an UAV and i am designing the aerofoil for STOL which can lift payload of 50kg please how do i go about it. Please i am new to this
  5. Head in the clouds

    DooMaw - build log

    Here we go again ... I ran into a mental block with AussieMozzie. Among other things I had one problem after another with perceived engine cooling issues. The external plumbing for the liquid cooled heads on the R912 creates a real headache for making plenums or ducting to get air to flow...
  6. T

    How about a Mini Max but with a Highlander Landing Gear?

    I'm pondering... The mini max 1100R Mini-Max - Team Mini-Max, the worlds best ultralight and light plane kits and plans. Is nice and looks quick to build. But I love the landing gear on the Highlander superSTOL, that allows for those smack-it-down landings with ridiculously steep approach...
  7. T

    What exactly makes a plane be STOL?

    I'm impressed. Watching YouTube videos of people in a Zenith or Highlander taking off in what looks like 45 feet. Awesome. I realize some of it is head wind. But what else has impact on fast climb rate? Reading posts like this one makes me realize how utterly uninformed I still am. Sigh...
  8. T

    Help a newbie get his head around STOL engine options...

    Hi everyone. Been lurking a while... Peat this point I decided I will attempt to build a STOL from a commercial kit. Something like a Highlander or Zenith or similar. I'm most interested in short takeoffs and landings... The ability to land on a postage stamp is terribly exciting to me. As long...
  9. G

    Rutan's Bommerang-like high altitude twin STOL concept?

    Hi everyone, What's your thoughts on the conceptual design of a high altitude twin STOL airplane using the twin safety method of Rutan's bommerang? This airplane would be specifically used in Tibetan-like area for observation, search and rescue, supply and medivac. Like the old saying about...
  10. P

    170 Amateur Built on Floats

    This is a one of a kind opportunity to acquire a proven STOL performer. Aircraft first licensed in 1982 and flown regularly until recent rebuild. 180 hp Lycoming, /cs prop, 2425 floats. Cessna wings,tail,gear, steel tube fuselage. Full details at Best offer over $35000...
  11. P

    Rans S-7 Courier for sale

    This is a 2000 model with a Rotax 912 80 hp. A real STOL performer on wheels or floats. Full details at